Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thing 1 and Thing 2

I feel like I'm in the Dr. Seuss book and the "Things" are just waiting for me to get to know them. Will they be friendly or more trouble than they are worth? Only time will tell.

I have attended many workshops and trainings on using Web 2.0, but have not forced myself to sit down and actually use the tools and integrate them. I am hoping this class will afford me more hands-on time and practical uses. Not being in a "content area" classroom means that I have to take my opportunities where they develop and I want to be ready.

I never thought about the domino effect of integrating these tools and who, beyond the students, they would impact. In David Warlick's article, the links certainly were obvious. As a media specialist, sometimes it's hard for the administration to see your affect on learning, but certainly these tools would communicate that to parents and administration.

I am not always a thinker before I write, and this summer is changing that(a little). I am taking 3 online classes and throughout all of them, I constantly have to remind myself that this isn't just an email between myself and the instructor. Unlimited others will have privy to my writings as so it's forcing me to take a longer look at what I write and how it will be received.

I look forward to incorporating some of these tools into my other classes and using them to prepare for the start of the new school year. Since the high school media specialist is also taking this class, this might be a perfect time to do something with the 8th graders to transition into the high school.
Welcome to my blog which will blend my life, summer fun, and my experiences with online learning. Hang on the ride is fast and the scenery interesting.