Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing 7

Flikr is awesome, but I can see it being blocked on our network. That will be my first task, to find out, when I get back to school. As I said before I have used Flikr before by viewing my son's pictures, but had never actuall downloaded pics myself. Personally, it will be great for me since we have so many digital pics and so many people to share them with. Professionally, it provides opportunity to teach about copyright and I think it would make an excellent marketing tool. Many times our district puts articles in the newspaper, and Flikr would make a great place to store pictures that the press or administration could use for that purpose. We also do digital announcements and have a class that does video announcements; I think working with my staff to use Flikr for school pictures would be a great way for others to access and use each other pictures for PR tools. One other way, I thought of for sharing, is as a demonstration tool for library orientation or class room instruction. Taking pictures of other students doing the work or browsing the media center would add more interest, than just my talking.

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  1. Great ideas. I hope it's not blocked. If it is, perhaps you could start the discussions around making these important tools available for learning.