Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing 5

The RSS feed was fairly easy to set up, although I did put my folders in the "clippings" area instead of the "feeds" area. I fixed that and get extra credit for being honest. Adding new folders was easy. RSS feels a lot like using a bookmarking site except you will continue to get feeds. I like being able to categorize the feeds and can see this being valuable to keep personal and professional information separate. I wasn't really impressed with the "Technorati" site. It seemed to just be one paragraph on any given subject and no discussion or additional information. Hopefully feeds will help me stay on top of current issues and keep me focused as opposed to continually surfing the web. This is a new tool for me and I will have to get more comfortable using it before I actually make recommendations to others. I did find one site that is a husband and wife blog on building their log home. Since I am in the beginning stages of that activity, I RSS'd that one just to see what steps them went through.

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