Friday, August 21, 2009

Thing 12

This is a countdown clock and I wanted to set it for my retirement day, however it would not allow that, so I will set if for the end of the school year. Obviously it has many uses in the educational field, due dates, holidays, birthdays.

I'm ok with embedding, but moving things around on my blog and dealing with the layout if very frustrating and difficult. I am involved with many other online communities. I have taken several online classes this summer and developing relationships in those has been easier than this course. Since we are all at different stages, it is difficult to comment on activities with each other. I don't really enjoy online relationships because they are so disjointed. I believe that students however like the disengagement of the online relationship. I feel we are teaching our students to be less personal and more disconnected with the online social networks. I also don't feel the time commitment has to be there with online social groups as a face-to-face community.

Sorry, this is the first negative day I have had with this course and the widget thing is very frustrating. I guess that has reflected on the other activity as well.

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