Monday, August 24, 2009

Thing 18

This is a great tool for students to help them when they are working on a presentation at home. Many times the size prohibits the saving method and they could put it into this website to have access where ever they are. I am assuming there is no sound, however, so that might be an issue. I make that assumption because I found no sound in any of the presentations. The templates and instructional slideshows are also a good learning platform. For those making PowerPoint presentations, it can be a tool to get some feedback and to assess their presentations. I think if students saw what their presentations looked like, without sound, they might put less text, or more to make sure their point is clear.

As usual, I could not find just one slide show to share, I found two. Part of my reasoning for taking so many Web 2.0 classes this summer, was to snazz up many of my presentations to the students in my middle school. I do a research project with ALL students during the course of the year using the Big6 process and this slideshow is a great introduction to teachers about the process. Many teachers think that the Big6 is only for research and don't understand the power of using it to solve problems(although most of us use the steps, we don't focus on each step when we try to teach students about problem solving). I thought this presentation would bring it down to a simplier mind set for teachers.

The second slideshow is a library orientation for middle school and I will use that to develop my own presentation. When I lecture, it seems so dry, even I get bored; so I thought this type of presentation would be a good way to not only integrate technology, but to keep their attention. I like the idea of the scavenger hunt as well as the tone of the presentation. See what you think....

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