Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thing 15

The RSS is getting easier, but keeping up with it isn't. I guess once I am done with this class and actually have time to use the tools I am saving it will be come easier to keep up. I have to think about how I will share these with staff and use them with students before the feeds will have an impact on what I do. I can't really imagine using this for news, but I can see using it for feeds from the tags in Delicious or Diigo. I am quickly becoming overwhelmed with the information I can find this way and certainly can see using it to help staff find good stuff. Since I have my feeds for Diigo come to my email, I tend to check those before I go to Bloglines to check. I am not even sure that I can access Bloglines at school and therefore keeping those cleaned up, might become more of an issue. I think the best way to handle these feeds is just to set a time of day and designate it my check time. I do want to also focus more on the tags since that is a great filtering tool.

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