Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thing 20

This podcasting thing sure is not in my comfort zone. After spending several hours searching both EPN and Podcast Alley, I was frustrated. Many are just audio, which seems to me to be a lot of production for little value. I did not find anything that I was looking for. There are no or very little descriptors and it was a frustrating experience.

I did receive an email from Verizon Thinkfinity today and found that they have a podcast/video section. In looking through their website, I found excellent podcasts to use with all ages. Those links had great descriptions and I chose this page as my example of podcasting.

To be honest, in my district, downloading is not allowed and iTunes is not allowed; therefore many of the skills taught in this "thing" are not skills that I will be able to practice or use at school. However, I will be able to use the Verizon Thinkfinity site and can direct students to those podcasts as examples of good technology tools.

I can see good uses for this tool, but with the restriction in our district, I am not so sure I will concentrate my adoption on podcasting. Babysteps are called for and there are many more "things" that can be used, with the idea that we can build to podcasting.

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