Friday, August 21, 2009

Thing 9

I have not spent a lot of time on YouTube until this class for two very good reasons. One, you need to filter through so much "junk" before you find good stuff and it is a time sucker. Reason two is that this site is blocked in my school so even if I find something that is good, and I have, I won't be able to use it.

This site reminds me of Wikipedia, in that, you really have to have a specific idea of what you want and what it will look like so as not to get distracted. There may be some good content in many things but to harvest that content into a usable product that is edible is many time more work than it is worth.

I also think the issue that many have already discussed to it's death, the teacher responsibility, makes this site something that I will not spend a lot of time learning about. I love the humor and through Facebook and other sites, I get links for YouTube videos that are interesting, but not much worth using in my day to day work life.

I will say, that I do love the old tv show videos and especially the Carol Burnett outtakes. Is there anyone funnier than Tim Conway, with clean gut wrenching humor? I don't think so.

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