Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thing 17

Wow, in the past I was pretty impressed with and google, but am over whelmed with the tools that were listed. I was somewhat familiar with "remember the milk" and as a person who lives by my computer and lists, it goes a long way to serving as my brain. I was a little frustrated with the "" until I stopped thinking and just did. This is a great tool for meetings and group projects to help students brainstorm. We use Inspiration software in our district, but would, again, be a good introduction to Inspiration and the concept map. I liked Zoho, but didn't produce anything on it. It appears to be more simplicity than PowerPoint and much more user friendly. It would be a good tool for 5th graders to introduce the presentation concept. The fact that it's free is a major plus.

My all time favorite from the list was "30 boxes". It is a way for me to pull all my "organizational tools" together in one place. I like the alert concept and since I am always on my email this is a wonderful tool to keep me on task. There are many components that remind me of Google calendar but this one is more simplistic and seem to be userfriendly. I put in about 12 events/birthdays in about 5 minutes. Great repeat button for those ongoing events.

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