Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thing 24

I am excited!! My wikispace is and it is based on several things. In our district, the middle school is seen as the negative bad kids. One of our staff members and I have been talking this summer about making things, in particular our attitudes more positive. We have come up with some activities, but I thought this might be a way to start with select staff and then organize it enough to send to everyone. The wiki is based on the book, "How Full is Your Bucket?" that I learned about in a workshop this summer. There is also a student version and if I get enough support from staff, we will develop a student group to help us on our wiki.

The idea of a wiki is a great tool to use for sharing, collaborating, and even assessing. Many can participate, while a blog is really only a one-on-one situation. Wikis offer a limitless opportunity for group work, improving writing skills, integrating technology, and participation. I actually like the idea of assigning a particular color to each member, to help track editing. With blogs, the writer has full control, where as wikis can be edited by everyone who is a member(or whatever . permission is allowed.

Wikis offer another tool to teach students and adults that not everything you see on the Net is accurate, but you can add corrections. Teaching students to investigate information they find in a wiki is a terrific learning tool.

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